Online Courses

Along with Bob Sutton, Professor Rao is a co director of the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program and offers two sought after courses: Scaling up Excellence and Building Company Culture.

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Professor Rao also teaches another online course titled “Mobilizing for Change: A Toolkit” as part of the LEAD program at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

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MBA Teaching

Professor Rao teaches an MBA course titled People Operations: From Startup to ScaleUp with John Lilly, a board member of FIGMA and Chairman of Code for America and Sujay Jaswa, Founder of WndrCo: an investment firm. The course blends “clean models” from research with the “dirty hands of practice”.

He also teaches another MBA course titled “Disruptions to the world of work: A Lab for HR Startup Hypotheses” with Michael Ross, former CHRO of Visa and Prasad Setty, former SVP of People Analytics at Google. Students from the course have already become founders of firms seeking to reimagine the world of work.

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